you are supposed to eat salmon for the omega-3 fatty acids. salmon is romantic. salmon is tasty. here is how to make it so good you'll want to punch something. and it's so easy there is no reason not to eat it this way.

you need:

jim beam

brown sugar
kosher salt
ground cumin
ground coriander
ground mustard seeds
garlic powder (NOT garlic salt)

(note: there are no measurements. if you want it sweeter, add more sugar. if you want it saltier, add more salt, etc. keep tasting it until you get the flavor you like)

slab o salmon

here is what you do:

put salmon skin side down on a roasting pan. drizzle a bit of jim beam on the salmon, let it soak in for about 20 seconds. drizzle some more on, let it soak in about 20 seconds.

mix all the dry crap in a bowl and rub/pat it on the salmon

put it in a broiler until it's done. or you can bake it at 350 or 400 until it's done. sorry i'm not more specific, it's one of those things you just gotta do until you know how to do it without knowing what you are doing.

the best and easiest thing to go with this is:

spinich. color wise, it looks awesome on the plate with the salmon. flavor wise, it will add the citrus to compliment the fish. health wise, it's fucking spinach and it's super healthy. it takes about 4 minutes to make.

heat olive oil in a pan.

add chopped garlic and saute until light brown (darker = bitter, don't burn it)

add an assload of fresh spinach (it cooks down to almost nothing)

add in lemon juice, lemon zest, dill, nutmeg, salt.

cook until wilted and bright green.